Help the NHS
Save Lives

If everyone contributes what they can to help the NHS save lives, then we can all hold our heads high when we finally beat Covid-19.

I have collaborated with a few special people to assist in the manufacture of NHS Scrubs and uniforms. We hope that manufacturers and home sewists will use these patterns to produce much-needed apparel for the NHS. Each pattern is attached as a PDF file, ready to download for FREE.

I collaborated with Sharon to create these FREE beginner level sewing patterns for NHS scrubs. 

Sharon came from Ireland to attend Fashion college and start a career in London. What makes Sharon incredible is despite being born deaf she has made a success of leaving home, gaining a degree and establishing herself as a textile print designer working successfully for many different Fashion Companies in London and Leicester whilst creating her own unique collections.

Sharon is obviously an advocate for the Deaf community and runs a blog called DeafAbility.


Scrub Top Sketch

Scrub Top Preview

Scrub Top A4 Pattern


Patch Pocket Trousers Sketch

Patch Pocket Trousers Preview

Patch Pocket Trousers Pattern 

Sharon M Osborne


I collaborated with Rob & Sophie to create these FREE beginner - intermediate sewing patterns for NHS scrubs.

VENTURA/Foreman is a design and manufacturing studio in SE London set up by Robert Gibson & Sophie Foreman to specialising in sewn utulity products. After working in the fashion indiustry the duo began looking for a simpler, holistic approach to clothing and accessory design.

Download our patterns here:



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